halloween 2008?

So, nobody call social services, but we noticed a hilarious resemblance between Annie and the infamous Dwight Schrute from the office.
Don't get me wrong, we think Annie's the cutest girl on the planet. It's really just Dwight's baby face that does it. Well, that and Annie's extensive knowledge about bear attacks . . .



these little beauties took longer than we'd hoped, but we think thomas did an awesome job! now i just need to put in an order so we can get some furniture for our house!


finally feeling better


just when we thought she couldn't get worse

annie's ready for her close up. poor little freakshow!
the second picture is after she took her prednisone, which seems to make her a little crazy


benadryl anyone?

annie's reaction to amoxicillin made our super bowl sunday more exciting than usual. she gave us a pretty good scare; swelling up and getting huge red hives everywhere. the picture doesn't even show how funky she looked. we had to take pictures because her swollen ears finally look a little like her mom's (or jesse or brian or kai).

she was pretty sad, but started feeling a little better in time for kickoff. the swelling's gone down, but she still has big red marks all over that look like burns. poor kid! :(


"I too, don't understand . . .

. . . the hair doing", I told Annie. "But", I said, "there will come a day, when your current facial expression of confusion will be one of jubilation."

play dohn't

annie was being a little too quiet one day . . .