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So if you need some basic photo editing done, and don't want to use your hard earned stimulus money on photoshop, this is a great solution!

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Today, Adobe releases Photoshop Express for the web.

Now before you go berserk, let us exercise some journalistic caution — it’s not everything you can do in Photoshop fit into a web browser. Not nearly.

No layers here, no fancy pants masking. But for 95% of your photos, it offers pretty much all you need to fix ‘em up, and it does it with style.

Whether adjusting exposure, white balance, or hue, touching up blemishes, or distorting your image, Photoshop Express provides an easy slider and thumbnails to give you an instant preview of your image at various settings. Even undo is better than you’d expect.

No, it’s not a Photoshop replacement, but it is a remarkably slick and well-designed basic photo-editing and sharing application. Arguably the best so far.

So what does it cost? It’s free, amigo.

Adobe Photoshop Express for the Web

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Annie's art

we call it "Spring Meadow."


Easter 2008

I'm currently the Primary secretary, and since Annie won't be old enough for nursery for another 87 days, she runs around during singing time, trying to get the CTR 5 class to do the wave.

Since it was Easter, we were watching a movie about the Resurrection in Primary, and after they'd laid the body in the tomb and pushed the rock over the door Annie started yelling, "Nigh-night! Nigh-night!" I took her out to try and salvage some reverence and to have a good laugh.

Here are some pics of our Easter jubilee. It's fun now that Annie's old enough to get what's going on. She actually had a blast looking around for Easter eggs, and gave an "Oh WOW!" every time we opened one up.