My little man is one today! It seems like he should only be three or four months old, and I still baby him as if he were. I remember the first time I saw his little face, and I wasn't surprised at all. It was like I recognized or expected him.

Maxwell has developed a sweet little personality. One is his best qualities is patience. I have to be careful to remember when I've fed him last or changed his diaper or else I'll forget because he doesn't cry and complain. He also has to use a lot of patience with his big sister who isn't quite sure how to play with him yet.

He's also super friendly. Everyone who meets him thinks they're so special because of that big smile he gives them. He grins at everyone he sees and says hi to all the cars that drive past our house. Max is always looking for fun, and fun is synonymous for dad. So around 4:00 each afternoon he starts wandering the house saying DaDa? DaDa? Thomas doesn't get much time to himself after work. Max insists on being right in the middle of whatever he's doing.

Maxwell is a snuggler too. He gives me lots of hugs and pats throughout the day, and he attacks any stuffed animal with kisses and loves. Even when he decides to wake up at three in the morning, I can't be mad at him because of the way he melts onto my shoulder.

Some of Max's skills are walking (just barely though), clapping, waving, stacking blocks, throwing, and emptying.

I love having this little guy in our family and am excited to see what the next year brings!

Thanks Lynne for the photo shoot! Isn't she amazing? She got Max to hold still for a few minutes without screaming his head off. I should hire her to help with diaper changes.