Winter Excursion

Thomas had a couple of days off work, so we organized a trip to the cabin with his family. We really had truckloads of fun. Here is some photo documentation if you're interested:

Getting the snowmobiles up there proved to be tricky (losing a hood, getting pulled over, then not having a license . . .), but it was worth it in the end . . . I think.

Annie read/recited books for anyone who would listen.

She helped write thank yous with Grammy and Aunt Cari.

Kempton and Annie were the babies, and got their fair share of doting.

Liz and Ryan came too (notice Ryan has a leather glove on to protect himself from Liz's wicked slap shot).

Annie thought she was fairly awesome in these goggles.

Mandi proved herself "Gamer of the Decade," and Kempton showed off his standing skills.

Ready for action.

Grandma Z has a new lease on life! She was the most anxious to get out of town, and loved every minute of it.

The cabin wouldn't have been complete without the little gymnasts bounding all over the place.

We had fun sledding down the kiddy hill right next to the cabin. Annie cried every time her turn was over. I cried a little too though when it was time to come home!


Hairy Scary

This fall, Tom decided to attempt the shaggy look.
This is what we were going for:

This is what we got:

We waited patiently for him to get through that "ugly phase." Unfortunately, his hair refused to grow longer, it just grew bigger. The pictures hardly do it justice.