Double Take

I get deja-vu sometimes when looking at Max. See for yourself.


Apple Cizerd

We were lucky enough to get invited to make cider (Annie calls it cizerd) with some friends from the ward (thanks Myers)! There were thousands of apples. We didn't even make a dent in the number. It was a cool still evening, and the perfect fall activity. The juice was addictingly delicious, but now I want a cider press. I've already written Santa.

The kids were great apple pickers (for at least 3 minutes).

Riding in the cart was way more fun.

The apples got a bath, then we sliced them.

Next we poured them into the press. It was nice to have some male arm strength around to crank the handle.

Max's wasn't brawny enough for the job yet. So instead he gave everyone dirty looks to show his disdain for the cold air.

There were plenty of leaves for all.

Thomas really cranked out a lot of cider! 28 gallons to be exact.

We warmed up our fingers by the fire,

and warmed up our bellies with hot dogs and apple crisp. Then we came home and made hot spiced cider. We've made ourselves sick drinking the stuff.


Max is feeling blessed

And so are we! There was a lot of family here to see the little guy, and Thomas did a fantastic job. What a sweet baby boy we've got.

He fit into his dad's itty bitty shoes from yester-year.