tom's pretend vacation

Thomas (being the fantastic husband he is) decided that during his vacation, he would re-roof our house. So Monday morning he began ripping all the old shingles and shakes off. Our house is so old that there isn't plywood sheathing under the shakes, just wide planks with 3" gaps between them. Tom removed a pretty good amount of old stuff that day. That night his manager called and said he'd heard that Tom thought he was on vacation. Oh dear. Turns out, his vacation was the next week. So we've been sleeping under the stars (sort of) all week and praying for clear skies.

So if any of you have been craving some good hard manual labor, Tom will be shingling our naked little house during the coming week, which is his real vacation.

(Oh, and thanks to those who have already helped out a bunch, namely Addison, Alex, Glenn, Stephen, and my dad).


I wore this little dress when I was Annie's size. My Grandma Hammond made it for me I believe (mom please verify). Annie already loves to get dressed up, and I'm happy to oblige!