Speaking of Miracles . . .

Annie was asked to give a talk in Primary. We had practiced it with her, but Thomas went up expecting to help her a lot. She rattled it off without a hitch! Once I had her home in front of the camera she sped it up a bit, so hopefully you can understand her. The paper she's holding has Annie-glyphics to help her out. She's not reading that well yet.

A long time ago, before we were born,
My Great Grandpas went off to a war.

They fought for this country and our liberty,
Then each one returned to his family.

My mom's Grandpa Hammond hung this picture on his wall,
So he could always see it when he walked down the hall.

When my mom and dad met, they discovered very soon
That my dad's Grandpa Zollinger was in this picture too.

Of the fifty-five in this photo, all that came home were three;
One Grandpa Hammond, another Grandpa Z.

Miracles still happen. I know that it is true,
Because I wouldn't be here, if not for those two.

Jesus is my Savior. He died for you and me,
So families could be together for Eternity.

So the miracle I'm grateful for each night when I pray,
Is that I can hug my Great Grandpas again someday.


Fancy Pants

Annie headed out looking ravishing the other day.

To jump on the trampoline of course.