Two Fast

Annie turned two today. I can't believe my sweet, tiny little infant has grown into a beautiful, hilarious, caring, curious, and smart little girl. Life offers no greater emotion than what we feel as parents. Her laughter makes me happier than I ever thought possible. Her tears bring me more pain, and her successes fill me with a pride I've never experienced.

I'm so grateful for my little friend who thinks my name is Mommy Kaye Mounts.


The following images may be too graphic for young viewers. Yeah, annie's second birthday party was pretty intense.

Annie blew out her candles like an old pro this year.

She unwrapped presents with increased finesse. 

Grammy and Bomp gave her a Cabbage Patch doll named Fern Trudy (special thanks to Auntie Peach for opening the darn box. She decided giving birth to real babies is easier).  Annie loves the doll; the name we're rethinking . . .

She especially loves Fern's shoes, and wore them all around the house.

Annie in her new kitty jammies from Gramma and Bampa.

Annie rocked out with her music maker set from Gramma and Bampa too. We're encouraging her to start a band in our garage.