Since Thomas hasn't been able to work for a couple of weeks, he thought this would be a perfect opportunity to fulfill one of his lifelong dreams; growing a beard.

He decided to shave. What do you think of the different looks?



Hello Glenn circa 1987!


Let the Tom Thumb Jokes Begin!

Last Saturday (the 1st), Thomas decided to run a threshold through the joiner at his shop. His tender little thumb slipped into the churning blades and he landed himself in the ER then the OR with a joint that is MIA. That's right, the whole middle joint is in the pile of sawdust in his shop. So he won't be able to bend it anymore, but they reattached the tip to the base and hoped it would take.

Pain killers made him a little too loopy for life, so he discontinued those after a few days.

Here's the cast he had for the first while.

Yesterday, the gory wound was revealed. Dr. Larson was SUPER happy with how well the tip attached. We give credit to excellent blood flow and a wonderful Priesthood blessing.

Stitches (or sewing according to Annie) come out Wednesday. They'll also do an x-ray then to see how the bones are lining up and fusing. The hooks will be there for 8-10 weeks, but Tom doesn't mind having a built in bottle opener.