I have uncles aunts and cousins . . .

This year's Gunderson-fest was as fun filled as ever! Some of the highlights included:

Spelunking (or trying to find the cave until Annie lost her lunch)
Fishing at Cliff Lake
Gramp Camp
Gramma Pajama Night
Kai's baptism
Treasure hunt
Rocks in West
Dan's beans and rice
Swamping La Pizzeria
Amy's brownies
The 200 cumulative lbs. we gained . . .

I think Annie is yelling girls rule boys drool, but I can't be certain (she, Katie, and Milli were vastly outnumbered).

My lovely "full figure" and Tom's toned buns (if he hadn't been holding Annie, I think this opportunity would have been more than I could resist).

Annie wasn't sure about Bret's driving skills, but Dallin would have happily stayed there all week.

Gramma Pajama night! While all those boys camped, us girls held down the fort at the cabin. Magic wands, dolls, and new jammies were just part of the excitement. Annie was heartbroken when the spell was broken at 9:00 for bed.

A good ear cleaning at Gramma and Bampa's.



We haven't posted much this summer, and I'm hoping that a few photos will substitute nicely enough.

Good old splash park and free lunch

Rainy day puppet

Hijacking the mini-bike

Bad photo of the drive-in

Making brownies