Birthing Classes

Annie's tummy looked suspiciously large and lumpy one morning. We were shocked to learn that there was definitely a baby in there.

"I think it's time!" I yelled to Thomas as Annie unzipped her pj's.

Ragged and exhausted, Annie proudly held up her baby Susie.

We think she just has babies on the brain because of this recent development.

That's right! This picture is a little outdated. Our then gummy bear is now about the size of a lime. It should come out to play the first week in October. If only the process were as easy as unzipping my pj's . . .



I finally decided I'd had it with the scraggly hair that refused to grow, and Thomas finally came to grips with the fact that Annie was not blessed with his luscious locks and agreed to let us cut it. She was pretty stoked about the whole idea, and now tells everyone how, "Christine cut my hair."

The cut is almost exactly what both her grandmas have. Weird? You tell me . . . 


Eat my shorts Punxsutawney Phil!

As Thomas and I left the house this morning at 9:00, I wondered why I had a jacket on. It was sunny and beautiful.

"It's downright balmy out here!" I exclaimed to Tom. Then we got in the car and the thermometer only said 38 degrees.

It has been a long winter.