Life is magnificent lately. When kneeling to pray, I feel selfish to even ask for anything. This summer has been one of the best, and I fully attribute that to our prized collection of friends and family. And now for a summer photo finale:

Maddy came over for a spin on the radio flyer. These girls are best buddies and get along smashingly.

The fair of course! We love watching the people almost as much as eating the food.

Words cannot express Annie's love for the ferris wheel.

We had the most beautiful float on the river with Gramma and Bampa.

With a standout picnic of course . . .

On our way to the hospital (first we grabbed a few groceries and tied up some loose ends around the house).

Annie was busy at Gramma's making a special blanket for her new brother. She picked out the fabric and everything, explaining, "The monkeys on it will make him laugh!"

We're still waiting for the laughter.

What a sweet boy. Life is so good with our new little one at home. So long sweet summer.

Yes, I know, enough pictures already.


We think his hair-do is second to none.

Max described his first encounter with Annie as "tolerable".


He's here!

He arrived at 10:43 pm and weighed 7 lbs 2 oz . He was pretty mad at first but he warmed up to us fast.


This baby ticker just gave me a braxton hicks. Yikes. I think I'll go dig out the old car seat.