girls trip

We (my mom, Amy, Lisa, Annie, and myself) went on a girls trip to Utah. Dallin got to come too because Bret doesn't nurse so well. He probably wished he hadn't though, when Annie tried to ride him like a horse.

Annie got her toes painted while I got a pedicure. She loves her pink toes and still gets excited over them. She was quite the little shopper, and it was nice to have lots of moms around to take good care of her. We packed every minute of every day, and came home on my b-day (#22)!

This is the car ride home, and sums up how we all felt.


Mild Addiction

Annie loves the movie Hairspray. She won't watch Baby Einstein, Sesame Street, or even SpongeBob, but she'll zone into Hairspray any time of the day. She starts dancing and even sings along (she has "GO-GO-GO!" down perfectly).
I think she's secretly hoping Zac Efron would go for her chubby cheeks.