All Celebrated Out

With Annie's birthday on the 23rd. We party pretty hearty for a few days. Here's a photo montage of our festivities.

We always decorate gingerbread houses for Annie's birthday. Max took advantage of the craziness and decorated his digestive system with candy and frosting.

Annie gets better and better at decorating every year. This year we were able to go to the cabin the night before her birthday. So there were lots of people to share the fun with.

Five candles was a little hard for Mommy. I don't know why, but five is just BIG!

As you can see. She LOVED her new tangled paraphernalia from Gramma.

So Christmas Eve. We spent with the Mounts clan. Here the kids are holding up their illustrations of the nativity story.

Then we opened pajammies. Maelie was so into it that she went a little cross-eyed.

This is a super fun age for Christmas. Max and Annie were both SO FLIPPIN excited for Santa to come. They could hardly stand it.

Porter had a bit of anxiety over the whole Santa thing though. In a moment of frustration, he'd written Santa a letter claiming that he didn't want anything for Christmas, and "he meant it!" So when Christmas Eve arrived, he was pretty sober. Thankfully, the Big Man disregarded the request.

Annie checking out her haul.

Maxwell got some trains from Santa. Obviously Santa is willing to overlook A LOT of bad behavior, because Max has had a heck of a year...

So now we're just laying around the house detoxing from sugar, late nights, excitement, and presents. If you come over, don't expect to find me out of my pj's until the new year.