I finally did the lame-o mommy move, and took the camera to gymnastics. She's been going for a couple of months now and adores it. We're going to take a break for the summer but hopefully can start again next winter, depending on the baby situation. 

Annie stretches . . .

She hangs on the rings, then drops into the big foam pit. Pretty rad, I know.

Forward roll on the tumble track (somersault on the big long trampoline).

Bear crawling on the bars.

She's a lot braver now than the first time I put her up here.




These pictures have been residing on my memory card for a while, and this is the first I've gotten around to setting them free. We went to a birthday party for Annie's cute cousin Thatcher, who turned one. The party was at the church "cultural hall" (don't you love that name), which was awesome because there were tons of kids there and they could run crazy and free. Annie's second cousin Ally came to party, and the two of them had a great time chasing balls around the gym, eating cake and cheetos, and doing the twist with balloons and streamers. 

Here are some photos of the dynamic duo.