Where the heck have we been?

Seems like it's always harder to keep updated in the summer, even though that's the time I have the most exciting stuff to blog about. So here's a condensed post of our summer activities.

We've spent a lot of time at the park (free lunch is where it's at)! Mom is seriously sick of pushing kids. If you hear of a swing pusher for hire, let me know!

We've almost died of heat exhaustion a few times!
The Idaho summer has been ridiculously warm (which I LOVE), but it's been an adjustment for sure.
Annie played t-ball in June. It was a challenge for her, which I appreciated and she didn't. She doesn't handle not being the best very well. I think it's good for her. She did fine overall, and I might even be able to get her to play next year!
This has been the year of the bikes (or anything with wheels really). The kids ride all day long. On this particular outing, Max took the dirt hill on his trike and ate it hardcore.

Fourth of July races with cousins. Annie got third in her age group and Max was second. 
Waiting for the parade in Menan. No chocolate milk this year though. Major letdown!
See if I support the United Dairymen of Idaho ever again!

Max caught this fish at Wade lake. He was the proudest little guy I've ever seen. He thought the fish was "disgusting," but ate it happily for dinner.

Maelie struck a pose for me at the lake. She is a water lover like I've never known! She sat there for the longest time even though the water was freezing. She liked to sneak handfuls of rocks into her mouth from time to time. So when Annie was playing eye-spy with Dallin she said, "I spy something wet and full of rocks..." and Dan quickly guessed "Maelie!"

And the biggest project we've been working on this summer is yet to be unveiled!
The K I T C H E N ! We totally gutted and renovated it. So here is an old image of what it used to look like from the dining room. We need to finish the floor still and then I will upload photos of all the stages. It's been exhausting, but I absolutely love it!