Kitchen Reno: Process

I've put off posting this because we weren't "finished," but I think that's just kind of how life goes. So here is our big change that happened this summer. If you notice any little pieces of trim that are missing or scratches that need painted, you'll just have to understand that we're human. Tom usually takes a week in the winter and works on all the little gingerbread things that don't get completely finished on his projects.

First, Tom put in the ceiling and lighting. Then, with a little help from the Elder Quorum, we gutted it. Scary day!
Tom donned the paint suit and went to town.
Thomas did a lot of reading, planning, and thinking.

And it started to come together.

A little bit at a time.

Countertops go in.

Prepping for trim.

We had to wait for the brick to come in. So the cement board floor was getting old after a month or so. 

The floor ended up being a ridiculous amount of work, but it really turned out lovely!
And here it is!


Jill said...

Krick, It's been forever since I've talked to you, but I saw your link to the kitchen reno and was blown away when I clicked over! You guys did such a good job, the place looks great! And I love the light fixture over the table. Hope all is well in the rest of life :)