All Celebrated Out

With Annie's birthday on the 23rd. We party pretty hearty for a few days. Here's a photo montage of our festivities.

We always decorate gingerbread houses for Annie's birthday. Max took advantage of the craziness and decorated his digestive system with candy and frosting.

Annie gets better and better at decorating every year. This year we were able to go to the cabin the night before her birthday. So there were lots of people to share the fun with.

Five candles was a little hard for Mommy. I don't know why, but five is just BIG!

As you can see. She LOVED her new tangled paraphernalia from Gramma.

So Christmas Eve. We spent with the Mounts clan. Here the kids are holding up their illustrations of the nativity story.

Then we opened pajammies. Maelie was so into it that she went a little cross-eyed.

This is a super fun age for Christmas. Max and Annie were both SO FLIPPIN excited for Santa to come. They could hardly stand it.

Porter had a bit of anxiety over the whole Santa thing though. In a moment of frustration, he'd written Santa a letter claiming that he didn't want anything for Christmas, and "he meant it!" So when Christmas Eve arrived, he was pretty sober. Thankfully, the Big Man disregarded the request.

Annie checking out her haul.

Maxwell got some trains from Santa. Obviously Santa is willing to overlook A LOT of bad behavior, because Max has had a heck of a year...

So now we're just laying around the house detoxing from sugar, late nights, excitement, and presents. If you come over, don't expect to find me out of my pj's until the new year.


I'll Be Brief

Halloween happened today. Here are some photos to prove it. I'm tired!

We had Annie Oakley, Wild Bill, and the cutest little heifer you've ever seen. She really is getting chubby lately. Just look at those legs in tights!

And that little Wrangler bottom!

Annie talked me into a Cinderella giddup for her preschool party. I might be losing my mind, but she did look the part!


Watch Out World...

Maxwell is two!
Grammy gave him a HUGE monkey. He's no longer lonely in his crib.

He opened some cows, but wasn't sure why...

They were for his new barn! Well sort of new. Tom's Grandpa Zollinger built this for him when he was a kid. It's been lovingly stored until this blessed day when Max could inherit it.

It. Is. Awesome.

He got all the accessories. Even hay for the loft.

He poked his fingers in most of the cupcakes. Nobody seemed to mind...

Hopefully year three will be an improvement from year two in behavioral matters. Things aren't looking good though. He played with the light switch during Sacrament Meeting during his first Sunday at church as a two-year-old.

Eastern Idaho State Fair

If you think having a one-month-old would keep us from going to the State Fair, you don't know us well...
Annie and Maxwell got to milk a cow this year. Maelie participated in her own sort of milking event.

Can't miss out on the goodies. Tom would go by himself just for the corn. Glenn and MaryAnn joined us (and helped push strollers through the crowd). MaryAnn had her first tiger ear. Journal entry day!

Blessing Day

Our little Bea was given a name and a blessing on Labor Day weekend. Appropriate, considering her name means worker. Unfortunately, I still can't seem to remember her name. She still gets called Annie--Max--Whatever-your-name-is!

We had lots of family here for the event. It was nice to feel so much support from everyone.


Yep, we've lost our minds. We went camping with this crew. It was a long night, but we ended up having a good time in spite of sleep deprivation. Who needs sleep anyway?

Amelia didn't miss out on any shut eye...


Checking out an innocent butterfly. If she only knew the danger looming over her...

Annie crossed the bridge all by herself.

Our two sweet boys.


Amelia Bea Mounts

She's here!

Little Maelie was born August 3rd at 5:41 pm. She was kind of a squirt, weighing in at 6 lbs 8 oz and 19 in long. She was a few weeks early though, so we're glad she was that big!

Are you my mother?

Maelie is so even tempered. When they gave her a bath she didn't even cry! She just squeaks when she's hungry.

She definitely has chubbier cheeks than our other two did. Which is weird because she weighed the least.

Welcome to the circus, I mean, home!

We think she's pretty darn sweet.


31 weeks

The following image may be graphic for young viewers. At least you don't have to look at it in the mirror every day!

Ok, this may be a slight exaggeration, but not far off from how I feel. Or from how the little one is feeling. At our doc appointment yesterday, we found out that this little girl thinks she's done. She's already low and ready to go. SO, our summer plans have changed a bit...

Here's hoping she stays put for another month or two!


Happy Birthday Tom!

Max has been naming Annie's dolls lately.

This one is Max.

and Mommy

and Annie

and Daddy!

I tried to suggest that this one was Great Grandpa, but Max was insistent.

You have to admit, the similarities are uncanny when they're cruising in their green van.


Latest Belly Shot

So I realize this is probably our most confusing photo yet, but it really is exciting because . . .


Yes, we're finally living our religion. Hopefully we don't outgrow it until grandchildren arrive.

This isn't actually it, but I googled one that looks just like ours. We're taking name suggestions should you have any!


Girls rule! Boys drool.

We're proud (and honestly a little relieved) to announce the ultrasound results of our newest addition. GIRL! Yay! Thomas is a little disappointed since Max will be a sister sandwich like Tom was. But who cares, he's outvoted now anyway!

Here's a 3D ultrasound picture of her little face! And since she's coming in the summer and Annie was born in winter, I'll be forced to do some newborn girl shopping. Rough, I know.

And, for those of you who have been anxiously awaiting the next belly shot. Here I am at 20 weeks. Those hormones combined with a seven day cruise can really wreak havoc on a midriff!



Yep, sure enough. We are expecting another Mounts to grace our family in August.

Annie is hoping for a sister, and Thomas and I don't care much either way. Max is in a blissfully oblivious state. We'll find out toward the end of March probably.

I've kind of had a rough winter with Max. He's just a difficult age to keep cooped up in the house for months on end. So I'm still trying to wrap my mind around a third, but hopefully by August I'll be ready for a baby!

I've noticed that a lot of girls like to post photos of their growing belly on their blog, and I figured, hey that seems like a classy thing to do! So here is my stomach at 12 weeks. We'll keep you posted as things progress.

I predict that my stellar stretch-mark-free abs will only improve as the months go on.